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Speedboat with Guests

Several members of the Tagbanua Tribe proudly work on Paolyn Houseboats and will also be your captain when you will rent one of our private speedboats (Yamaha and Suzuky Outboards from 30 hp to 250 hp) (half day from 1000 pesos per person or whole day from 1.700 pesos per person) to discover WITHOUT CROWD the famous fresh water lakes (Kayangan and Barracuda), to snorkel in the amazing Coral Gardens (Twin Peaks, Seven Picados, Smith, Malwaway, Secret Garden), to snorkel on the WWII Japanese shallow wrecks (Skeleton, Luson Gunboat and East Tangat), to enjoy beautiful white beaches (Atwayan, Banul, Smith, CYC, Malcapuya, Bulog Dos, Banana), to discover more remote islands (Ditaytayan, Pass, Pamalican, Malajon - known as Black Island - and a lot more), to feed the giraffes at the Calauit Safari and to visit the remote Tagbanua Village (Cultural Indigenous Tour).

Being on Paolyn Houseboats guests can enjoy the attractions of Coron Island before the tourists arrive and after they are gone. Please note that Coron Islands are ancestral domain of the Tagbanua Tribe and by the law they are entitle to charge an entrance fee to enter each attraction.  

Why to rent a speedboat from us!

The plus of renting a speedboat from us:

- the speedboat is private for you so you can decide to stay how long you want in each spot / attraction and you can personalize your itinerary

- the captain of your speedboat is well trained members of the Tagbanua Tribe that owns the island of Coron. So they will be the ones to explain you their special place and traditions

- with us you sleep in the middle of the attractions, so you can enjoy them before tourists arrive or after they are left even for free with our kayak (twin lagoons is 500 meters far!)

- with us you can do also only half day tour so before or after the tour you will eat on Paolyn Houseboat with nice food, cold drinks, comfortably sitting at a table in the shade and enjoying the rest of the day relaxing or doing activities.

- with us, also in case of most of full day trips, you will still eat on Paolyn Houseboat with nice food, cold drinks, confortably sitting at a table in the shade after a fresh water shower.

- with us you will have free use of masks and fins, free use of towels and free drinking water.

- Paolyn Houseboat is already in Coron Island in the middle of the attractions, so the trips are a lot shorter (further the speedboats are faster) and you will have more time to enjoy the beauty of the spots and in few minutes you can go back anytime to your houseboat to take a rest or a break during the tour!


We can also organize a Cultural Tour to the Indigenous Tagbanua Tribe Village, where the Tagbanua tribe members can welcome you and show you their traditions, eventually cook their food for you and, if you are lucky, also organize a special tribal dance and songs! This tour is not always available since it depends on the tribe daily organization. Please ask for it well in advance so we can contact the tribe (in the tribe village there is not mobile signal ....). This tour will take around 6 hours.

We can also organize a Cultural Night on a beach where a tribe family lives.

We can personalize the tours on your needs and choices and we can bring you in any destination you will choose! There are also beautiful islands with white beaches on the west of Busuanga island. Pamalican Island (amazing snorkeling even with whalesharks if you are lucky!), North Cay, Pass Island, Black Island. They are more far, around 2 h boat trip one way but with a full day tour you can easily reach them and you can stop on the way at the amazing Secret Coral Garden (probably the best snorkeling of all Coron and El Nido areas! Unbelivable Corals) and in Luson Gunboat (shallow wreck where it is possible to snorkel inside the wreck). Prices are on requests depending if you include Black Island (white beach, nice snorkeling and amazing caves where you can swim). Finally we could even bring you to the open air Safari in Caluit Island! More north than Black island. It is amazing to see Giraffes, Zebras and other animals from Africa just walking free few meters from you! They even make you feed the Giraffes from your hand and from your mouth! Kids (but not only) would remember the mouth feeding experience forever! This destination is more far (so you need to leave very early in the morning) and is possible only in calm sea.

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