National Reserve, Marine Reserve, Unesco Biosphere Reserve and Ancestral Land of the Tagbanua Tribe


Paolyn Houseboats are located in the calm, pristine, clear and unpolluted water of Laknisan Lagoon (Unicorn Fish Lagoon in Tagbanua Tribe language) also known as Blue Lagoon, that is just 500 meters from the famous Twin Lagoons - 15 minutes by kayak or by paddleboard - and 100 meters from Green Lagoon - 5 minutes by swimming - on the NorthWest tip of Coron Island. This special Lagoon has breathless landscape with steep cliffs and Karst rock formations made of Permian Limestone of Jurassic origin that you can almost touch from the Houseboats and of whose views  you can also enjoy  from your bed and during your fresh and instantly cooked meals. It also offers superb snorkeling and it is totally quite except birds chirping and splashes of fish. 

The only accommodation and restaurant in Coron Island 

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Paolyn Houseboats are sustainable and eco-friendly. They do not create pollution. Coron Island does not have electricity and fresh water. We make our own electricity and fresh water. The Houseboats have over 12 kw of solar panels (over 6000 ah of batteries and over 8 kw of inverters) and 24h electricity 220v, 24h lights and 24h fresh water. Bathrooms (toilets, showers and sinks) and kitchen (even if all our soaps are natural and 100 % biodegradable) do not discharge in the sea but in holding tanks located in the hulls of the houseboats. We have specially equipped boats that daily suck all the waste water and bring it to another island (two hours far) where we have built our six stages septic tank on a small hill and where we have a motor pump system to pump up the waste water from the boats up the septic tank. We also have an STP machine at the end of the last stage of the septic tank.

DENR, PCSD and Municipality Offices have duly inspected our Houseboats and our waste management system.

In order to protect the coral reef and the marine life we ask to the guests to use only 100 percent biodegradable and natural sun protection cream that can be also bought from us at our own cost.

Our staff is on board 24h a day taking care of the guests.

Coron Island and the Tagbanua Tribe

Coron island including its surrounding islets were declared National Reserve in 1967, Marine Reserve in 1978 and Unesco Biosphere Reserve in 1990. With the indigenous people right act, the Filipino national law recognises Coron Island (and its water and reef) ancestral land of the Tagbanua Tribe members that are believed to be descendants of the Tabon Man of whom over 20.000 years old remains have been discovered.

Several members of the Tagbanua Tribe proudly work on Paolyn Houseboats and will also be your personal tour guides when you will rent one of our private speedboats (half day from 1000 pesos per person or whole day from 1700 pesos per person) to discover WITHOUT CROWD the famous fresh water lakes (Kayangan and Barracuda), to snorkel in the amazing Coral Gardens (Twin Peaks, Seven Picados, Smith, Malwaway, Secret Garden), to snorkel on the WWII Japanese shallow wrecks (Skeleton and Luson Gunboat), to enjoy beautiful white beaches (Atwayan, Banul, Smith, CYC, Malcapuya, Bulog Dos, Banana), to discover more remote islands (Ditaytayan, Pass, Pamalican, Malajon - known as Black Island - and a lot more), to feed the giraffes at the Calauit Safari and to visit the remote Tagbanua Village (Cultural Indigenous Tour).

Paolyn Housboats employ over 50 local people, respects indigenous heritage and traditions and helps the community with a higher than average salary.

During the pandemic Paolyn Houseboats has been supporting the two Tagbanua tribe villages of Coron Island with food, medicines and helping paying hospital bills for their members

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