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use for free our kayaks to paddle to Twin Lagoons (10 mnts) and a lot more!

guest kayaking
  • Exclusive  Italo Filipino Houseboat Restaurant in a separate private lagoon

  • Free use of Kayaks (exclusive 24h a day at the private deck of each room), masks/fins (exclusive 24h a day).

  • Free transfers from and to the airport by van (around 30 minutes to Coron Town) and by speedboat (15 minutes from Coron Town). The van might be common with guests of other hotels but we can also arrange a private one for you with total 1.100 pesos/20usd extra per way (not per person!).

  • Free transfers from and to any hotel in Coron town proper by private van (only you and eventually other guests of Paolyn) and speedboat.

  • Free transfer from and to the fast ferry pier, 15 minutes private van ride and speedboat (only you and eventually other guests of Paolyn). ***

  • Private outdoor areas for each room: floating deck with sunbeds, sun shade  and open cottage where to eat privately if desired

  • Private speedboats available for rent to personalize your island hopping tour

  • Complimentary fresh coconut juice or other drinks on arrival if the coconut is not available

  • Complimentary unlimited drinking water

  • Pet-friendly accommodation

  • Freediving and Scubadiving available on call

  • Room Service Massages available on call

  • The normal check-in time is 2 pm and the normal check-out time is 12nn but we offer to our direct booking guests a free early pick up and a free late drop off so they can enjoy our place also full day on the first and on the last day.  We always try to give  the room as early as possible  and in the while guests can enjoy our exclusive common areas that have toilets, showers, sunbeds, sun shades and they can keep snorkeling with our masks and fins. Same for the checkout. We try to leave  the room as long as possible (depending on the next guest arrival) and after guests can enjoy our common areas till the late drop off!
    WE WILL ORGANIZE FEW SPEEDBOATS TRIPS PER DAY ONLY FOR OUR GUESTS SO THEY CAN CHOOSE THE PREFERRED TIME (you can also ask a special speedboat trip for you at a different time and we will charge just the fuel - 900 pesos)

  • *** Since the fast ferries from El Nido to Coron (4/6 hours) are sometimes cancelled for technical problems or for sea conditions, we suggest to check the flight with Airswift that should cost the same amount and takes just 35 minutes. We strongly recommend to pay few USD to make a travel insurance that will cover the risk of cancellations of the transportation from El Nido (but not only!!)  since this will affect all your trip and bookings!

Food in private platform
speedboat with guests


we ask a  surcharge for the air conditioning since we need to run all night a generator because the solar panels are not enough for the AC! but no noise in the lagoon since the Generators are on another dedicated houseboat out of the lagoon and connected with 600 meters of special submarine cables! but honestly being on the water there is always nice breeze. Only in  June it can be little hot in the night. For one AC the surcharge is 2,500 pesos for 9 hours, some guests decide to do just half time and pay half. If two AC are needed the cost is 4,000 pesos and if 3 AC are needed the cost is 5,000 pesos (we use bigger generators). With these amounts we just cover the price of the gasoline! In fact the smaller generator uses 3.6 liter an hour and we pay the fuel around 80 pesos per liter. So we hope you will not choose to have AC :) also because it is still pollution and normally being on the sea there is always a little of breeze and it is never too hot thank also to the multiple fans that the rooms have. Guests can also decide if to have AC also once in the room and even at 9 pm since it will take 10 minutes to start all (we have 16 people night shift, so they can assist you for any need!). In case you would like to switch off the AC during the night or in case of malfunctions please advise immediately our 24h shift thru the WhatsApp number or thru the radio. It would be quite funny to run the generator all night to know in the morning that may be you did not use the AC....!

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