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Just between October and December 2021 we donated around 10.000 kg of rice to the two tribe villages of Coron Island and 9.000 more kg in January and February 2022. Since the start of the pandemic we made many rice donations and we have been paying the medicines for all tribe members that asked for. (the problem is that they are 2500!!). Saturday 2nd of April and Sundey 3rd of April 2022 we donated other 120 sacks of rice (6.000 kg). We have just 10 rooms but we employ more then 70 young people, most of them (90%) from the Tagbanua Tribe that owns Coron Island (ancestral domain). We teach them to work from zero (almost all of them never worked before!) and we pay a lot higher salary than the average. All this not because we were asked to do it, but because we really wanted to involve the tribe members since the beginning. We are giving discount to our guests to boost our cash flow and be able to keep helping the Tagbanua tribe members of Coron Island!!

That is why we ask full payment at the booking! 


Laknisan Lagoon, Coron Island / Lajala, - Coron – Palawan – Philippines


WhatsApp: +639051667804

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